We at Thanpa software, based in Drama, Greece, are constantly looking for PHP Developers and Web designers to strengthen our team.

If you believe you should be a part of our team, you will have the chance to work in an international environment, following cutting-edge technologies for projects that are used by thousands every day.

Do you want to join our team? Please download the PDF file for the job position you are interested in and follow the instructions at the end of the file!

Web designer, Drama (Positions: 0)
Front-end developer, Drama (Positions: 0)
PHP developer, Drama (Positions: 1)
Software tester, Drama (Positions: 2)

If you are a candidate, please send your portfolio or GIT hub link, your CV and a cover letter to: [email protected]

If you like Thanpa, share your CV with us and we will contact you as soon as there is a position for you.

Sincerely, Thanpa